How To Preserve Fresh Truffle

An easy guideline

If you are buying fresh truffle for the first time, it can be rather imposing; this is the reason why,

some tips to best preserve fresh truffle will be carried out in this article

The longer truffles are exposed to air, the quicker their aroma fades
There are several ways to keep the truffle close to peak condition by limiting unnecessary exposure to air. Keep the truffle wrapped up in cloth or paper and place it in an airtight container (the blotting paper will be replaced every day). Don’t leave it out on the kitchen counter or sitting naked on the shelf of the fridge. In this way it will save for a week. In other words, the best temperature to store truffles at is 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit) in a cool, dry spot in the fridge.

Using the truffle as quickly as possible is your best course of action.

Don’t leave your truffle hanging around while you wait for the right occasion to use it.

Truffles are meant to be consumed fresh so once you receive yours, you should aim to eat within seven days maximum.

Clean the truffle immediately before you serve it. Not before
Of course you should ensure the truffle is perfectly clean before you shave it over your dish. However don’t even think about washing it until you are ready to serve it. Truffles prefer to be kept dry. Never soak them for long periods as this, it will affect the precious aroma of truffle. When you are just about ready to use the truffle, you can wash it under cold running water and use a softbristled brush or a gentle cloth to clean it.

So as you can see, it’s fairly easy to handle a fresh truffle, you need a fridge, a jar and some soft kitchen paper.

Buon appetite!