Bordier butter is handmade in Brittany, France and is the creation of Jean-Yves Bordier. Rich, creamy and bright yellow, Jean-Yves Bordier’s distinctive butter is sought after and used by Michelin establishments all over the world. Chefs love Bordier for its silky texture, complexity, aroma and ability to bring out flavours in culinary creations.

Many people who have tried Bordier say it's nothing like they’ve ever tasted before, some going as far as to say the experience has changed the way they see butter forever.

Bordier’s preservative-free butter takes a total of 72 hours to be made, that's 12 times longer than many commercial butters. Most of it is spent allowing it to mature/culture to deepen in flavour and complexity, while churning it takes 50 minutes. Renowned worldwide for their silken consistencies, nuanced aromatics, and the light dusting of salt which gives each flavor its signature balance, Le Beurre Bordier Butters have become a must-have of celebrated chefs – and those in the know!

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