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Bordier Yuzu Butter | 125g


A blend of a slightly salted butter and yuzu resulted a harmony which is truly remarkable. This butter adds great flavour, brings out elegance and freshness to dishes

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Yuzu, a cross between a wild mandarin orange and a lemon, is folded into lightly salted butter. Elegant and fresh, it provides a marvelous bittersweet coating for a baked cod fillet en papillote.  On a slice of bread, it can’t be beat with a lovely strawberry jam.

Yuzu shape similar to a small grapefruit and grows in the wild in Central China and Tibet from where later was introduced to Korea and Japan.  The taste resembles a grapefruit with hints of mandarin orange.

Rarely eaten as a fruit, its zest is use in Japanese cuisine to garnish certain dishes, and the juice use as seasoning like lemon juice.


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