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La Cadoret Black Pearl N2 | 12pcs


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Origin: France (Brittany)

Brand: Cadoret

Packing: 12pcs

Size: 86g – 120g

Shelf-Life: Minimum 5 days

Storage Condition: Chilled +2-4°C

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It is special, fleshy and crunchy oysters, from Utah Beach in Normandy and refined in river of Bélon during 3 months to perfect their taste without modifying the typical characteristics of their flesh.


How to Prepare

Oysters are often served raw, usually sitting on the shell. To prepare raw oysters, you’ll need to open them up by shucking them (use a thick towel and an oyster shucking knife), or you can buy them pre-shucked.

Oysters can also be smoked, baked, fried (as in crispy “oysters Rockefeller”), grilled, or used as the featured ingredient in dishes such as oyster stew or oyster-stuffed artichokes. Instead of preparing oysters in unhealthy fats, try steaming them or cooking in an oil-based tomato sauce


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