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Nomade des JARDINS Flesh in “Court Bouillon” | 500g


Flesh of escargots cooked in a court-bouillon. Escargots born, farmed and cooked in France



Created in 1999 by three South-Vienne farmers, Nomade des Jardins is based in the Poitou-Charentes region in Central France.

Our specialised team of heliciculture experts represents the only integrated escargot farming and processing facility in France.

Reproduction, fattening, food production and commercialisation all take place on site. Our products are a far cry from the industrially produced escargots imported from Eastern Europe and Turkey (which represent 98% of the market), which are transformed in factories in France and which many consider to be of mediocre quality.

Here at Nomade des Jardins, we offer an exceptionally high quality gourmet product that the best chefs can include on their menus. Taste-testing panels find our escargots tender, flavourful and of consistently high quality, due to the care with which they are raised, generation to generation, and their optimum age (5-6 months).

Even just cooked in stock, the simplest of preparations, they reveal all of their delicate flavour.

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