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Premium Murasaki UNI Sea Urchin | 250g


The Murasaki Uni is also known as the Shiro Uni (Shiro = White but is a lot more yellow than ‘white’. Unlike Bafun Uni, Murasaki Uni looks more yellow/brown while the Bafun is a shade of dark orange.

Size: 250g



Uni is a Japanese name for sea urchin gonads, it is the only edible part of the sea urchin, commonly consumed in various European, South American, and Asian countries.

Murasaki Sea Urchin Information

Lighter yellow Murasaki uni 紫うに falls under ‘Shiro 白 (white)’ category, while Bafun uni is considered ‘Aka 赤’ (red) uni category which has a darker orange colour – Murasaki uni is rarer and more premium than Bafun, with 95% available only through Japan’s auction.

Taste-wise, it is cleaner and sweeter in flavour. Murasaki uni comes from a purple coloured, long-spiked sea urchin. Murasaki means purple in Japanese and hence its name.

The ‘narabi’ arrangement of uni refers to consistent sizes and perfectly shaped portions of uni being hand-picked rather than the random and odd pieces you will see for ‘bara’ uni; hence narabi uni commands a premium.


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