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Rouzaire Camembert | 250g


When ripe the light-yellow pâté will showcase distinctive mushroomy, yeasty, almost meaty flavours.

Milk: Cow Milk
Category: Soft, Soft Ripened
Origin: Seine-et-Marne, France
Flavor : Fruity Aroma, buttery, creamy, smooth
Wine Pairing: Classic Bordeaux or Cote du Rhone



The flavour profile of this cheese is more intense than Brie; it has mild earthy aromas with a luxurious complexity on the palate. When ripe the light yellow pâté will showcase a delicious creamy texture and distinctive mushroomy yeasty almost meaty flavours that are hard to beat (Camembert is perfectly ripe when the body is the same supple butter-smooth texture throughout).


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