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Shoyu Bros Artisan Shoyu | 500ml


Combining both natural and traditional methods while ensuring a rich and premium soy flavour, layered with aromatic redolence.

A premium artisan product that is sure to enhance your cooking experience.


SHOYU BROS implements meticulous quality controls and inspections at every stage of soy sauce production to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. Inspectors analyze the ingredients and check the colour, flavour and aroma of the soy sauce.

SHOYU BROS stringent quality control system enables it to maintain the consistent and outstanding quality of its sauces.

Only soy sauce that has passed all necessary inspections is released into the market.

INGREDIENTS: Water, soybeans, cornflour, sugar, salt, contains L. Glutamate as a flavour enhancer and various approved preservatives.

USAGE: Shoyu Bros is best used for cooking and also for dipping. It will enhance and elevate the taste of your dishes once you infuse it into your dish once you are done with cooking. For best results infuse it into your dish once finish cooking. It will also work well if you infuse it in the middle of cooking but for enhance taste infuse it once you are done with cooking. Works perfectly as a dipping sauce.

STORAGE: Stored at room temperature

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