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8 Marrons Glacés in Golden Wooden box | 160gm


Corsiglia 8 Marrons Glacés in Golden Wooden Box (vacuum-packed) 160gm
Individually wrapped
Candied Chestnuts with a thin sugar glaze.


Marrons Glacés (Candied Chestnuts), Wooden Box

French marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) are made in the Provencal town of Aubagne, in accordance with a traditional recipe maintained since the end of the 19th century. A delicious confection!

  • Marrons Glaces by Corsiglia are worlds apart from other candied chestnuts. Exquisitely moist and flavourful, they are individually wrapped in gold foil and packed in an elegant box. These gems make a luxurious Christmas gift
  • Marrons Glaces are candied chestnuts created during a slow process of immersion into a hot vanilla-flavoured sugar syrup. They preserve their exquisite moisture and unique flavour
  • Corsiglia is the only brand in the world to offer vacuum-packed Marrons Glaces. It is an exclusive process that guarantees a 2 year shelf life with no loss of moisture
  • Size: 8pcs/160g in a wooden box


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