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A5 Omi Wagyu Deluxe Box


Explore into some of our all time favorite wagyu treasures trove! Perfecting your A5 Omi Wagyu Beef grilling adventure begins here!

A5 Omi Wagyu Beef for any occasions!

A5 Omi Deluxe Box includes:

  • A5 Omi Wagyu Misuji Steak Cut | 120g+-
  • A5 Omi Wagyu Chuck Roll Steak Cut | 120g+-
  • A5 Omi Wagyu Jo Karubi Yakiniku Cut | 150g+-
  • A5 Omi Wagyu Brisket Shabu Slices | 150g+-
  • Sashimi Shoyu
  • Royale Gourmet Premium Gift Box

Total weight: 550g+-

Origin : Japan
Product : Japan A5 Omi Wagyu Beef
Grade : MBS10-11 (Well trimmed)
Marbling Score: High Marbling Score MBS10-11

✅  Certified Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu Meat


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