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A5 Omi Wagyu Ribeye | 200g+-


Origin : Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Product : Japan Wagyu A5 Omi
Grade : MBS11-12 (Fine trimmed)
Marbling Score: High Marbling Score MBS12
Beef condition: Chilled and vacuum packed

Our Guarantee:
✅  Our Wagyu beef is finely trimmed, come in clean and bacteria free vacuum packed
✅  All products are Japanese A5 Wagyu BMS 11-12
✅  Certified Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu Meat

The Ribeye cut is prized for its decadent flavor and rich buttery texture. It offers generous marbling that always finishes juicy and tender.

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Omi beef are sliced from Black Japanese cattle. Raised in Shiga Prefecture, it has the longest history in Japanese Wagyu. Known for it’s high marbling content, what makes this meat distinctive is its lustrous fat and sweet, smooth flavour which easily melts in your mouth.


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