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Fresh David Hervé Royale Oysters N1


A very special oyster, the Royale oyster is sustainably sourced from Ronce, Normandie, Spain, and Ireland. It’s travel on your tastebuds, imparting the beautiful journey this French oyster has taken.

Volume of flesh: 16 to 18% of the weight.
Growing method: 4 years at sea.
Seasonal availability: All year long.

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Plump, meaty oysters, with a sweet and succulent flesh, the Royale Oyster by David Herve is top of the line.

At 18 months, they’re transferred into different beds—less crowded and more freedom. With this new spacious and luxurious environment, these French oysters are allowed to grow as much as they want for four years in open sea, and consume a richer and more abundant diet.


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