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La Fruitiere Lychee Puree 90% | 1KG


Made by peeling, pitting, refining and blending of lychee pulp from Thailand and India.

Ingredients: 90% lychee puree, 10% cane sugar



With their delicate, nectar-like taste, sweet perfume and pearlescent appearance (ignoring their prickly exterior of course), lychees are the oysters of the fruit world. Popular in Asian markets during the summer, they add a subtly sweet dimension to recipes, and in Lychee Puree, these flavors are enhanced with cane sugar to really make them stand out. They’re also rich in beneficial vitamins, potassium, riboflavin and antioxidants, making this a healthy, natural puree you can use in a number of ways:

  • stir into cocktails, juices and smoothies for a delicious, floral finish.
  • add to ice creams, sorbets, custards, puddings and other desserts.
  • incorporate into sauces for savory meals, particularly Asian stir fries and salads.

Buy this and other purees online in a variety of different flavors. It is recommended that you freeze purees on arrival. Once ready to consume, break off and thaw your chosen amount, storing the rest in the freezer for later.

Lychee Puree is created by La Fruitiere, a French company committed to finding the freshest fruits from the richest soils and turning them into refreshing, all-natural fruit purees. These fruit products are enjoyed by chefs in France and globally, and with over 50 unique flavors to choose from, they allow you to enhance almost any fruit-based recipe with amazing flavor.

Ingredients: 90% lychee puree, 10% cane sugar


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